Pablo Picasso

After War

In the peace time, in 1946 Picasso had made the picturesque ensemble from 27 panels and pictures for a castle of the noble family Grimaldy in Antibes, it is a town on the Mediterranean seaside of France. The panel in the first hall is named "The joy of life" and all series is represented as harmony of nature with existence - it is the representation of fauns, naked girls, centaurs, fairy-tale creatures..

In 1946 Picasso had drawn his well known "Dove of Peace" on the poster for the World congress supporters of peace in Paris, and in 1951 he created the politic picture "Massacre in Korea" (the Museum of Picasso, Paris). Since 1947 Picasso had lived on the south of France, in town Vallauris where he drew the walls of an old chapel with allegoric symbols of peace and war, and he named his work as "The temple of peace". In Vallauris Picasso was interested in ceramics. He had created his favorite personages - centaurs, fauns, pigeons, bulls, women; he made anthropomorphous jars. Before nowadays the ceramic workshops are kept in that town and they carry edition of many copies things with the mark "Picasso" which was created by the artist. In 1958 the famous artist of standing reputation had created the monumental composition "The Fall of Icarus" for the building UNESCO in Paris.

Pablo Picasso. The Artist and His Model 7, 1963
The Artist and His Model 7, 1963

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