Pablo Picasso

"Rose" Period

1904 In Picasso’s work, the Rose Period was relatively short (from the fall 1904 until the end of 1906) and quite uneven. A large number of pictures were marked with a bright color; we see the advent of pearl gray, ocher, pink and red tones; there appeared new topics, such as actors, acrobats, athletes, and became dominant. The Cirque Medrano that was located at the foot of Montmartre hill certainly did provide a lot of material for the artist. Melodrama in its many manifestations (the suits, the accented gestures), a variety of different people, both beautiful and ugly, young and adult, returned the artist to the world of slightly transformed, but real forms, dimensions and spaces; paintings were once again filled with life as opposed to the characters of the Blue Period.

The following paintings exhibited at the Galerie Serrurier (February 25 – March 6 1905) marked the beginning of a new epoch of the master: "Actor" and "Seated Nude". The wonderful "Woman in Shirt" and "Mother and Child (Acrobats)" also relate to the Rose Period. Picasso's Two Nudes (1906) showed his interest in classical form. Images of young people and women (in such works as Boy Leading a Horse and La Toilette) demonstrate the beauty and the rare tranquility in the works of Picasso, which fits into the traditional aesthetics of beauty.

The outstanding "Acrobat on a Ball" (1905) is taken type of transitional pictures between "blue" and "rose" periods. he artist plays in the contrast and balance of shapes or lines, weight and light, stability and instability.

A trip to Gosol (Spain) in 1906, a small village in the Catalan Pyrenees, gave impetus to Picasso’s new endeavours. "The Self-portrait (Face Striving to be a Mask)" is a graphic confirmation of this fact.

Pablo Picasso. Two brothers, 1905
Two brothers, 1905
Pablo Picasso. Young Girl with a Flower Basket, 1905
Young Girl with a Flower Basket, 1905
Pablo Picasso. Young Girl with a Goat, 1906
Young Girl with a Goat, 1906
Pablo Picasso. Boy Leading a Horse, 1906
Boy Leading a Horse, 1906
Pablo Picasso. The Toilet, 1906
The Toilet, 1906

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